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Admissions and Fees

For permanent or respite stay at the Polish Retirement Home, an assessment has to be obtained from an Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) team, through a referral from a doctor or a community worker.
Fees and charges are payable in accordance with Government legislation.
Permanent residents pay an Accommodation Bond based on Commonwealth government means test assessment.. The residue of the bond is refundable on departure. Full pensioners without assets pay 85 per cent of their prescribed pension.
Respite care residents are not required to pay an Accommodation Bond.
Medication and other expenses, such as chemist, podiatry, dentist, hairdressing are paid by the resident.
Detailed information on bonds and fees is provided on request.


 Daily Care Fees  as per January 2018

 Full Pensioners / Part Pensioners  - basic fee:   $49.42 per day

 Income Tested Fee: Residents may be charged extra up to $10.66 per day depending on their income assessed by Centrelink Assets Test .

 The basic daily fee increases in line with Age Pension increases in March and September each year.  

 Resident Aged care Accommodation Fees are payable monthly in advance from the date of entry to Polish Retirement Home in Bayswater.

 As an alternative, payments can be remitted using EFT to the credit of our account at Commonwealth Bank:  BSB 063010  Acc. Number  10121083

 Australian Polish Benevolent Association of  Vic. Inc.

 We can also accept cash payments or by cheque payable to Australian Polish Benevolent Association of Vic. Inc. and mailed to : 3 Percival St.,   Bayswater, Vic., 3153

 Accommodation Bond - RAD - Resident may be charged up to $400,000 – depending on their assets/ payable during first 28 days – then interest of 5.70% applies. to be paid into Comm. Bank Acc.: BSB 06 3010 Acc. No. 10184770

Acc. bond/RAD   is fully refundable if the Resident leaves the facility.

 The way the accommodation bond is paid may affect your pension in the future. It is recommended that financial advice be sought in relation to the best payment option.

 The Australian Government’s free Financial Information Service is available through Centrelink. It provides information about using your money to best advantage and how the pension income and assets test work.  Centrelink can be contacted on  12 23 00.

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