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The Polish Retirement Home was built and opened in 1993 thanks to the generosity of the Polish community in Victoria and the Federal Government. It is a government subsidised Hostel, operating to approved standards set by the Federal Department of Health and Aged Care.
The Polish Retirement Home is administered by the Australian Polish Benevolent Association (APBA) of Victoria Inc. APBA is a non-profit community organisation established in 1986. With a Victoria-wide membership, its Committee of Management is elected annually.

The Polish Retirement Home is a modern purpose built hostel for the elderly members of the Polish community. The cultural and linguistic needs of our residents are the central core principle of our hostel. Our professionally trained caring personnel provide 24-hour care to maintain dignity, self-respect and independence of resident. We are a flexible and multilingual service, including English, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and other Slavic languages being spoken by our staff. Accommodating 29 permanent residents and one respite resident, the Polish Retirement Home offers bright, spacious, comfortable and relaxed living within a warm and friendly environment. Respite care is offered for short stays (63 days in a financial year) and is often a good way to be introduced to long-term hostel living. For the majority of elderly people the transition from the family home to a new way of living can be daunting. It is difficult to leave their home, which holds many memories. The neighbourhood is familiar and family and friends often live close by. However, in some cases, moving to a hostel is the right and best decision. It means moving into accommodation shared with other elderly people. More importantly, it means receiving the help and support to live comfortably and securely.

"Our Mission is to provide quality and customised residential care facilities and services to the Polish elderly and disabled in a culturally and linguistically appropriate setting. The Polish Retirement Home contributes to the quality of life and independence of those within the Polish community who are the most vulnerable and in need of assistance. Respect and understanding are the basis of our service.”


The Polish Retirement Home upholds the following principles:

  • Civility

  • Efficiency

  • Equity and Access

  • Confidentiality

  • Flexibility

  • To be continually updating our professional knowledge

  • Respect the opinions and ideas offered and stated by members of the Polish community

  • Loyalty to our responsibilities

  • Open Communications within Committees and with Residents and Staff

  • Obligation to make the Community aware of our activities and services

  • Accessibility of our services and cooperative relationships with other community services


Hostel's occupancy

 Thanks to advertised methods such as in Polish Weekly, Radios SBS Polish language program and Community Radio 3ZZZ we were able to keep our Hostel of 30 beds (29 permanent and 1 respite) fully occupied.  Respite bed is also available for short term stay. (365 days at 63 days entitlement for every estimated booking).

We provide extensive care to our Residents as long (as mentioned previously), as it is possible.  We are exercising the same policy “Aging in Place” as are the majority of other age care facilities – in many cases reaching the care given what were previously described as in nursing homes.

Appropriate assessments and transfers are arranged when the extensive care becomes too much or the hostel facilities proved to be  inadequate to carry out the essential treatment.


New Initiatives

As in previous years -  we work in accordance to Accreditation Standards  implementing ongoing improvement in our day-to-day care:

  • Personal Care – Residents Classification – ACFI  as Aged Care Funding Instrument.

  • Personal Care Workers Training – appraisals of professional understanding and consequently performance.

  • Continuous Quality Improvement Committee.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

  • Infection Control.

  • Updating Policies and Procedures.

  • Activity Programs : Mobility program, Falls Prevention Program etc.

  • Physiotherapy.

  • Staff training. On site  : First Aid & CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation training).

  • Manual Handling Training, Fire Safety training. 

  • Food Safety program – audit and Certificate was achieved.

  • Residents’ Committee.

  • Medication Review / Advisory Committee.

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